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  • “Fiction is truer than history” Jeff Helgeson has frequently total creative writing and English literature classes. The point, he contends, is one of probability and the working out of circumstances beyond the realm of mere coincidence, happenstance, and aberrant occurrence. Within his prose, as with the work that he has undertaken for the stage, Helgeson has continually sought to demonstrate an idea/ issue/concern through the events represented. The purpose, he feels, is to relate something, some intended notion, in a manner that can be responded to both emotionally and intellectually as a    result of a hope of attempting to convey a potentially full means of understanding.

"Retrospective"  "In Bad Faith"  "Prelude and Fuge"  "Nobody Here Gets Out Alive"  

"Big Two Fisted Shiver"  "E Pluribus Unum"  "Dreams of a Martyr"  "Wanderlust"

"Apotheosis"  "Curious Innocence"  "Cut From Stone"  "In The Evening In The Moonlight"  

"Dutchman"  "Moon Child"  "Morning" "Natural Things"  "Free Again"  "Anniversary Morning"

"Continuum" "Assault On The Montrose Street Light" "Rest In Peace"


Shadow On The Moon


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