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Jeff Helgeson  can be available to provide a number of workshops and group presentations.


These include:



                  "Illustrative Action" -  a workshop dealing with the design and writing of works for the stage originally developed for

                                                        The Workhouse Theatre in New York , New York


                  "The Art of Critical Analysis" - a series of sessions dealing with the intyerpration of a work through a systamatic

                                                                       process of observation and analysis of works of art through a assessment of their

                                                                      "context of creation" and patterns of "selective inclusions" of details, internal references,

                                                                       and external allusions, originally developed as a part of the liberal studies program at

                                                                       The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Spring Green, Wisconsin.


                 Creative Writing  - inter-active small group instruction in the structure of short fiction and the development of personal style.


                 Applied Writing - an overview of communication theory and its application within the workplace through the development of a

                                                process bases approach to written correspondance of all types, developed for Nextel Corporation,

                                                Elmwood Park, Illinois.


Additional topics for presentations include:


                                                The Plays of Eugene O'Neill

                                                James Joyce's "Ulysses"

                                                Archetypal Patterns In Literature

                                                Readings from and discussions of the drama and fiction by Jeff Helgeson


Appearances have included "Writers In Conversation" at The Chicago Cultural Center, as well as interviews on numerous informational radio broadcasts and arts related television segments.


Since 2004, Jeff Helgeson has hosted "Bloomsday In Chicago," a series of readings from James Joyce's Ulysses, sponsored by Puddin'head Press at The Galway Arms, 2442 N. Clark Street each June 16th ("Bloomsday").



Contact Jeff Helgeson to make presentation or appearance arrangements  at :      773-764-0353 or

                                                                                                                                [email protected]