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  • This play presents, through dramatic, presentational, and inter-active means, a study of conflicts, sexual ethics, and practical considerations of three people, who are caught within a tightly constructed romantic triangle, The central character, Alena, is an attractive, intelligent young woman who faced with the challenge of defining her own identity from within the circumstances in which she has become involved. At the same time, Alena is loved and supported by an older man who has provided her with kindness and a comfortable home that she respects and values, and she is passionately loved by a man her own who has come into her life offering a kind of future which finds both attractive and intimating.


  • The action of the play presents Alena within her deeply felt relationships with each of these men. She is seen both as lover and as loving homemaker. She is also seen within the deeply troubled context of her own strictly personal attempts to define, balance, and reconcile herself to each of these roles without being forces to abandon her own identity within process. During her days, as well as her late night meetings with her lover, Alena struggles to reconcile her strongly conflicted emotions. She attempts to deal with the circumstances in which she is presented with integrity and with insight. And finally, she accepts the full responsibility for the consequences of both her actions and her restrain in taking action which might serve to be harmful to either of the men with whom she has become so fully involved. Life for Alena has become a game of chess in which she is both a piece on the board and as active participant. She is always at the moment of decision, and she is also frozen within her refusal to take on a definitive action.


  • Alena’s situation, is finally one of the intricately balanced existential stalemate. She is isolated within herself. She is alienated and alone and bound in a perpetuating state of suspension, always confronted with choice and always drawing back from decisive action. Her insights into her situation finally become those of anyone who is faced with hard decisions. They represent a universal aspect of the need which people must address in terms of taking significant actions within life.

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